can chickens eat table scraps

Can chickens eat table scraps discover it

With high-quality commercial feed, chickens thrive. But they occasionally enjoy sweets as well. The hens will rush over and peck at melon rinds like they’re candy if you give them out. Can Chickens Eat Table Scraps? While they can indulge in some treats, it’s essential to ensure that these occasional indulgences do not replace their balanced diet.

Former Auburn University poultry extension expert Joe Hess is now retired. He claims that providing yard debris to chickens is an effective way to reduce waste and give them a varied diet.

“I would mainly use garden-grown produce, but I would also use table trash. If you feed them leftover meat scraps and other such items, it becomes more of an issue, according to Hess. However, the majority of plant debris and garden leftovers are safe to eat.

Never provide moldy or rotten food to chickens.

Although the scraps can be cooked or raw, the chickens probably prefer the former. All kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as berries, apples, and greens, as well as bread and rice, will be enthusiastically devoured by your birds. You must be careful when serving items with a strong flavor, according to Hess. For instance, if the birds consume excessive amounts of garlic or onions, their flavors may be detected in their eggs.

All garden trimmings ought to be provided sparingly as a treat. This, according to Hess, is crucial to maintaining the balance of the birds’ nutrition.

Balancing Poultry Nutrition: Can Chickens Eat Table Scraps

There is a problem with that, and as a nutritionist for poultry, that’s one of the first things I consider. We put a lot of effort into developing feeds to ensure that they are perfectly balanced with the right quantity of protein, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, he claims. It is possible to give animals too many scraps and cause them to consume insufficient amounts of well-balanced commercial feed.

Spread the scraps in a weedy area of the garden, and if you let the birds wander free, they’ll pull the weeds for you.

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