Fun Facts About Nebraska Agriculture

Fun Facts About Nebraska Agriculture【amazing】

Nebraska’s vibrant agricultural industry goes beyond being number one in the region; it is the agricultural heartbeat of the United States. With shocking data on its agriculture, from the number of farmers to its position in national production, Nebraska stands as a green giant in the nation.

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1. The Heart of Nebraska: Agriculture and Employment

The Heart of Nebraska Agriculture and Employment

With more than 46,000 farmers and ranchers, Nebraska leads the nation in agricultural jobs. Surprisingly, one out of every four jobs in the state is tied to this vital industry. Discover how agriculture only fuels the state but also its economy.

2. Wealth by the Numbers: Income and Production

In 2012, farm income contributed more than $24 billion to Nebraska’s economy, representing 6.2% of GDP.

3. Exports and Additional Economic Activity

Exports and Additional Economic Activity Nebraska

Every dollar of agricultural exports generates $1.29 in additional economic activity. With $7.3 million in exports in 2013, Nebraska drove $9.4 million in additional economic activity. Major exports include soybeans, corn and beef.

4. Farms, Land and Ethanol Production

Ethanol Production Nebraska

Nebraska is home to nearly 50,000 farms, with an average net income of $119,000 per farm. In addition, the state excels in ethanol production, ranking second in capacity. More than 40% of the corn crop goes to this production.

5. Natural Resources that Support Agriculture

Natural Resources that Support Agriculture Nebraska

With 45.5 million acres used for farms and ranches, the state benefits from aquifers, irrigation wells, rivers and streams. More than 90% of the land area is devoted to agriculture.

6. Nebraska’s Top Ten Farm Commodities

Nebraska's Top Ten Farm Commodities

Ranked by their contribution to cash receipts, Nebraska’s top ten commodities are cattle and calves, followed by corn, soybeans, hogs, wheat, dairy products, hay, chicken eggs, dry beans, and sugar beets. These products account for approximately 98% of the state’s total revenues.

7. A Leader in Ethanol Production

A Leader in Ethanol Production

In 2014, Nebraska stood out by ranking second in ethanol production capacity. With a total of 22 operating plants that together have the capacity to produce approximately 1.95 billion gallons of ethanol.
In addition, it is important to note that more than 40% of the state’s corn crop went to the production of this biofuel, which shows Nebraska’s importance in the ethanol industry.

8. Significant Livestock and Poultry Operations in Nebraska.

Significant Livestock and Poultry Operations in Nebraska

On half of Nebraska’s farms, activities related to livestock and poultry raising were discovered.

9. Top Five Counties Active in Agriculture

Top Five Counties Active in Agriculture

In Nebraska, the five counties that sold the most things related to agriculture were Cuming, Dawson, Custer, Phelps, and Lincoln. This means that in these places, many people were buying and selling things that are sourced from farms, such as food and animals.

10. Nebraska in Organic Agriculture

In 2011, Nebraska ranked eighth nationwide in the amount of cropland that was certified organic, with a total of 129,858 acres, which is like 52,551 soccer fields. In addition, it also ranked eighth in the amount of grassy areas certified organic, with a total of 53,174 acres, which is like having 21,518 soccer fields full of healthy, natural grass.

Nebraska in Organic Agriculture

This means that in Nebraska, many people were growing food and caring for the land in a special way called “organic,” which is good for the environment and good for the food we eat.

11. Extensive Grasslands

In Nebraska, there is a lot of special land called “grasslands”. In total, it’s about 23 million acres, which would be equal to having a lot of very large soccer fields, over 9 million fields, that’s a lot! And the most interesting thing is that half of these grasslands are in a region called “Sandhills”.

Nebraska, an American Agricultural Powerhouse

From million-dollar incomes to vast natural resources, Nebraska stands as an agricultural powerhouse in the United States. Agriculture not only defines the state but also drives its economy and employment – discover Nebraska’s greatness in every crop and harvest!

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