Our History

Nelson Gonzalez had a simple, yet profound vision: to reconnect people with their food sources and create a healthier planet through organic, sustainable living. From this vision, our humble beginnings in 2021, sprung a journey that continues to inspire and reshape how we approach food and living, bringing together a community committed to environmental responsibility.

As a child, Nelson watched his grandmother lovingly nurture her garden. He observed how the food, grown naturally and without chemicals, not only tasted better but also nurtured their health and well-being. This early experience imprinted a powerful belief within him – that organic food is more than just a label; it’s a lifestyle, a statement of care for our bodies and the earth that sustains us.

As he grew older, Nelson found himself increasingly disturbed by the disconnection between people and their food sources. The growth of the fast food culture, genetically modified produce, and the alarming exploitation of the earth’s resources served as a wake-up call. Inspired to make a difference, he founded our company with a mission to promote organic food, sustainability, and ecological living.

Guiding us through our journey is the brilliant and passionate Dayana Fuentes, our chief writer and advisor. Dayana has been instrumental in helping us navigate the complex world of organic agriculture, environmental conservation, and sustainable living practices. Her immense knowledge and keen insight have allowed us to stay true to our vision while innovating and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the organic food industry.

Together, Nelson, Dayana, and our entire team have fostered a culture that prioritizes the environment and sustainability. We strive to ensure our practices contribute positively to our ecosystems and communities, minimizing our environmental footprint while offering fresh, healthy, and nourishing organic food.

Our story is still being written. As we grow and evolve, our commitment remains unwavering: to provide you with the highest quality organic food, to promote a sustainable, ecological way of life, and to create a world where we live in harmony with nature.

Join us in our journey towards a healthier, greener planet. It is not just about what we eat, but how we live. Welcome to our community.